Film Reactions

Inner Complexity: An Introduction to Landscape of the Mind
Film Launch Event, LSE

Written participant feedback at end of event:

How interesting / useful have you found this event?

  • Film was excellent
  • The personal stories were very interesting and really helpful in explaining the utility of LoM
  • Fascinating content and great delivery
  • Reviewing the LoM framework and its applications; hearing real-life examples of how it helps in practice;
  • Interested in exploring and finding out more when it’s available online; I like the relatively simple way of codifying behaviour/preferences to present and discuss complex interrelations and interactions – works well
  • Very interesting
  • I found the event very interesting and useful
  • Lots of ‘food for thought’ – wanted to know more, and time went all too quickly; Kate was engaging, stimulating and beautifully exploratory
  • I found it interesting how the application into the commercial world was having such a great impact
  • Film narrative was superb!
  • Beautiful clarity
  • Very interesting and useful event
  • Fabulous event Kate – you were amazing and we can definitely change the world together!
  • You were awesome today! Well done!
  • Just like to say that I really enjoyed the event today
  • I enjoyed your presentation style – warm, relaxed, confident of your material and the people around you. The video clips were excellent but you are also a very good presenter
  • Many thanks for an invigorating presentation…I look forward to hearing more about LoM
  • I would be interested in more information about potentially doing facilitator and/or practitioner training
  • The film resonated with my experience

What did you value/enjoy most?

  • The whole concept
  • Interesting and of value. Can see how the general ‘globe’ with individual/team preferences could be easily understood in the business context, making it a helpful tool
  • The case studies added a realistic and practical view of how LoM has added value.
  • 3 dimensions of inner skills; Landscape of the Mind and leadership (effective leading); case studies and individual profiles (i.e. preferences)
  • The government is very keen to make the education sector better serve the world of business and organisations, but in some respect the policies it is pursuing will have the opposite effect, especially with respect to green inner skills. LoM provides a very clear framework to make this apparent.
  • To see the impact of this tool on how people discover their inner skills and flourish
  • Clarity of visuals – photos creative and interesting, beautiful; design of LoM displays – 3 colour bars
  • Clear examples of discovery and delivery
  • Experience and examples against clear theoretical framework
  • The interviewees – very natural and good advocates
  • Kate’s sense of humour!
  • Clarity of communicating both concepts and principles
  • Revisiting what is possible with focus and how there is such a willingness to assist in change
  • I was fascinated by all of it, so difficult to separate out one aspect of enjoyment more than another. Of personal value were some of the insights into diverging which threw into relief aspect we have noticed in our near 10 year old.
  • Discussion; use of film clips; mix of people

Comments from other sources
(i.e. emails and texts)

  • Fabulous Kate – you were amazing and we can definitely change the world together!
  • You were awesome today! Well done! Good mix of people
  • Really enjoyed it – overall a great speaker, passionate and backed up with solid case studies – fabulous – good luck!
  • Just like to say that I really enjoyed today
  • Well done Kate