WELCOME to the hidden treasures of your Inner World

For many years, I’ve wanted to make Landscape of Your Min

d (LoM) available to everyone, not just people in large organisations.

With the launch of INNER TRAVEL this dream becomes a reality.

So what’s happening? We’re offering a new personal profiling service and in the initial pilot phase we are very keen to get user feedback.

With personality-based measures, you are in effect stuck with what you start from: your personality is your personality, and there is not much you can do about it. Not Myers Briggs-based, not Big Five based – in fact, not a personality metric at all – Landscape of Your Mind (LoM) is an innovative and intensely practical way of assessing what you can contribute, at work and in life, with easy read out into what you actually do.

This approach tackles two key targets at once:

i)      How effectively you are doing the different things you do, and

ii)     How you could make your life much more rewarding and satisfying, as well as more effective.

Imagine you are watching a 3D film. Then you put on those peculiar spectacles. You’re still watching the same film, but now you can see things in it you didn’t see before. It changes your behaviour too – people start dodging incoming missiles they didn’t know were there.

So it’s the same film, but your  understanding and perspective have changed radically. LoM does the same thing, giving you fresh insight into yourself, other people and the world – and opening up new possibilities in the process.

Further details are given below. for full information about our service options and prices.

Most of us take our inner resources for granted, and assume we’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got.  But in fact, our inner skills – the gifts, strengths and qualities we bring to any situation – are capable of much more than we know.

Your preferences for using different inner skills will suit some tasks, roles and projects better than others. But there is no reason why you can’t try out different inner skills strategies, or strengthen less preferred inner skills. Using INNER TRAVEL, you can be in control of this process.

Here are 3 First Level profiles:

The two on the left hand side are well represented in our organisational sample and illustrate valuable patterns of inner skills preferences. The one on the right hand side, however, is very unusual – these inner skills are uniquely valuable, but both rare and quite difficult to manage. Wherever your own pattern of preferences falls, with LoM you can see how to build on your strengths, and mitigate any gaps, biases or blind spots. Once you start to experience the benefits of using LoM, there is a more advanced analysis which will tell you much more about your inner landscape.

This Depth Level profile identifies every inner skills and how you use it:

If this looks intriguing, email us for more information, and to express an interest in taking part in the pilot project:

[Please bear with us while we update the rest of our website. You can still access the LoM film and the book chapter through the old one, but we will be upgrading everything in due course]